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Deadline: 13 December 2022

Current and prospective suppliers are invited to participate in ActionAid Zimbabwe supplier vetting and selection process. Prospective vendors who satisfy the predetermined vetting and selection criteria shall form part of our approved and preferred list for the year 2023.

List of services required covers the following:
▪ Accommodation and conferencing
▪ Catering (teas, lunches and refreshments)
▪ Promotional & IEC materials (t-shirts, banners, printing)
▪ Computer consumables
▪ Stationery
▪ ICT services (networking, software & hardware repairs)
▪ Communication equipment
▪ Internet service provision
▪ Office furniture supply
▪ Videography, photography and editing
▪ Art (skits, animation, road shows, graphic designing)
▪ Translators (French, Spanish, Tonga, Ndebele, Shona)
▪ Vehicle hire-trucks, off road vehicles, shuttle
▪ Taxi Services
▪ Travel Agents (For Air-tickets)
▪ Transport Services (Minibuses, trucks)
▪ Container Suppliers
▪ Vehicle sales, parts and servicing
▪ Repairs & maintenance of vehicles/bikes, generators
▪ Building materials
▪ Fencing materials, irrigation materials, drip irrigation
▪ Insurance (motor vehicle/bikes)
▪ Electric gates maintenance
▪ Repairs & maintenance of buildings
▪ Borehole drilling (solar powered boreholes, treadle pumps, pressure pump)
▪ Borehole spares
▪ Dip tank poles
▪ Solar installation & equipment
▪ Livestock-chicks, cattle, goats, pigs
▪ Agricultural equipment-feed plants, AI equipment
▪ Fuel
▪ Water & sanitation
▪ Stock feed
▪ Drugs & vaccines
▪ Seed & cuttings

▪ Tax justice
▪ Gender
▪ Unpaid care work
▪ Agro – ecology
▪ Value chain development
▪ Market analysis
▪ Policy and advocacy analysis
▪ Fundraising (Business Development)
▪ Evaluations (baseline, mid–term)

Interested companies should meet the following requirements and provide certified copies of documents as listed below:
▪ CR14 form
▪ Certificate of incorporation
▪ Current tax clearance certificate
▪ Company profile detailing (physical location & contact details, product or service list, at least 3 reputable and verifiable references, payment terms and Banking details).

To apply
All applications are advised to clearly mark the category applied for and drop in sealed envelopes.

Procurement Committee,

ActionAid Zimbabwe,

26 Divine Road, Milton Park,


ActionAid has articulated a strong stand on gender justice and safeguarding through its child protection and antisexual harassment, exploitation, and abuse policies which all service providers are expected to abide by.