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Call for Supplier Registration – The Union Zimbabwe Trust


The Union Zimbabwe Trust is inviting suppliers and service providers in the following categories to participate in a vetting and selection process. Successful service providers will be listed on our approved suppliers list and considered for supplying our requirements during the year 2022 and 2023.

1. Suppliers with multiple services that cover various categories should submit separate documentation for each category
2. Current Union Zimbabwe Trust suppliers are encouraged to apply
3. This advertisement is an invitation to do business and not an offer to provide goods and services
4. The Union Zimbabwe Trust reserves the right to accept or reject after assessment process

The following supporting documents are to accompany the application:
– Application Letter including all Contact Details
– Company profile (Maximum of 5 pages)
– Certificate of incorporation
– Memorandum and Articles of Association
– CR14
– Valid ITF263 Tax Clearance Certificate
– Trade licence (If Applicable)
– Three traceable references preferably in the NGO sector for the category applied for

1. General Supplies/Services
• General office stationery
• Clearing and Forwarding Services Groceries – wholesalers/ supermarkets/ green grocery
• Water supply and water coolers

2. Media and Publishing
• Videography and Photography services
• Advertising
• Talk and roadshows & Spot messages
• Branding and Signage

3. Computers and IT Services
• Printer sales, cartridges/toner
• Computer hardware accessories
• Network Infrastructure services
• ICT Softwares
• Cellphone sales & services
• Repairs & maintenance services (Computers, Copiers, Printers, etc)

4. Motor Vehicle/Cycle Sales, Maintenance & Fuel Services
• Motor vehicle/cycle sales
• Motor vehicle/cycle repair/maintenance
• Lubricant
• Vehicle & motorbikes fittings and accessories
• Riding Gear
• Liquid fuel – cards and coupons
• Fuel storage rental services

5. Insurance
• Insurance services and broking (assets)

6. Travel Agents & Transportation Services
• Courier Services
• Vehicle hire, and leasing services
• Taxi services
• Vehicle towing Services
• Flight booking

8. Office Furniture & Equipment
• Office furniture and fittings & household electricals

9 Security Services
• Guard Services (office and residential buildings)
• CIT Services
• Access Control, Alarms & Rapid Response etc.
• Locksmith services
• Vehicle Tracking
• Firefighting equipment & maintenance

10. Conference facility, accommodation, and meals
• Outside catering & Confectionery services
• Décor and events management services
• Conference facilities & accommodation, lodging, bed & breakfast

11. Power backup Services
• Generator supply and maintenance
• Solar power supply and maintenance
• Uninterrupted power supply system (UPS)

12. Professional Services Consultancy
• Audit services
• Legal services
• HR/Team building services
• DJs/MCs/Edutainers
• Training services
• Translation and Interpretation services

13. Designing, Printing and Photocopying
• Designing and Printing,
• Photocopying services
• Corporate branding
• Promotional Items
• Designing and printing of IEC material
• Field bags for outreach work
• Camping equipment/tents supply and hire services
• Sportswear and Equipment

14. Auctioneers

15. Medical Supplies, Equipment & Consumables
• Glucometers
• Glucostrips
• Scales

How to Apply
1. Click on the link to complete the registration form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19RZMOk3JjQdElnIGzMxM5-aJ0lLkqCpUrsFzO8-xma8/edit
2. Interested Suppliers should submit an electronic application package by the 12th of December 2022 clearly stating your Category for consideration to: [email protected]