ASAP II Financial Management and Compliance Advisor for Zimbabwe

Part Time

Summary of Role:

The Financial Management and Compliance Advisor works to support a the ASAP II project in Zimbabwe which is focused on increasing capacity of local implementing partners (LIPs) to manage PEPFAR-funded programs. The consultant is responsible for conducting an organizational assessment and providing capacity-building support to USAID LIPs. They are responsible for supporting LIPs to improve their grant management, financial management, internal control system, fraud detection and prevention, procurement, financial sustainability, compliance with USG rules and regulations, procedures, standard provisions, and financial reporting requirements. They are responsible for ensuring the effective use of donor resources to meet project goals. They will be responsible for strengthening local partners’ financial systems including budgeting, monitoring, forecasting as well as all legal, audit, and contractual compliance. They are responsible for coordinating and leading financial and grant management STTA/consultants.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Planning, Budgeting, and Reporting
  • Support LIPs in the development, monitoring, and review of project budget
  • Ensures LIPs compliance with donors’ agreements and that all activities are implemented as per the approved agreement and budget.
  • Oversees the preparation of high-quality USAID quarterly and annual financial reports as well as the PEPFAR expenditure analysis report.
  • Provide direct mentoring and oversight to project LIPs staff performing financial and administrative functions
  • Advise LIPs senior leadership regularly on financial and operations-related matters

Financial Management

  • Ensures that LIPs financial management systems provide accurate, current and complete disclosure of financial transactions complying with USG rules and regulations, procedures, standard provisions
  • Support LIPs to design and implement sound internal control systems to safeguard assets, financial records, and documents of the organization
  • Provides financial performance feedback to the LIPs leadership team and provide technical assistance to LIPs on financial compliance and reporting
  • Review LIPs financial reports and ensures that expenditures are in line with the budget and in compliance with donor regulations


  • Provide audit readiness support to LIPs
  • Support LIPs in preparing responses to audit findings and follows-up on the implementation of audit recommendations.
  • Monitor implementation of action/corrective action plans relative to both internal and external audits

Capacity Development

  • Provide on-site support to LIPs by conducting a Non-US Organization Pre-Award Survey (NUPAS) Plus and developing Capacity Development Plan
  • Provide TA to LIPs in areas of financial management, accounting, and control systems.
  • Ensure transparent documentation of LIPs progress and ability to comply with PEPFAR financial management systems, including expenditure reporting, management of outlays and timely outlay of COP funding.
  • Coordinate and provide TA to LIPs in areas of compliance and risk management and assist LIPs in demonstrating compliance with US Standard Provisions for Non-US NGOs.
  • Provide specialized TA on audit readiness, specifically addressing the standards set forth in the OIG guidance on Provide asynchronous course on the Guidelines for Financial Audits Contracted by Foreign Recipients, to target finance managers and executive leaders.
  • Provide TA to LIPs to complete annual audit requirements for NGOs as outlined in: -OIG guidance on Audits for Foreign Recipients and Standard Provisions for Non-US NGOs and Audits for Foreign Recipients and Standard Provisions for Non-US NGOs.

Education/Experience Requirements

  • Master’s degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, or similar field of study and at least eight years of experience in financial and administrative management with International organizations or a bachelor’s degree in a related field of study and at least 12 years of relevant experience
  • Senior manager experience in financial, administrative, and contract management of USG funded projects, preferably on large & complex global projects.
  • Experience managing USAID contracts and have expert knowledge in USG rules and regulations.
  • Experience with PEPFAR programming and policies
  • Demonstrate interpersonal skills and ability to manage staff effectively in a complex and changing environment.
  • Proven ability to manage confidential matters discreetly and with the trust and confidence of colleagues and clients.
  • Experience in providing Organizational Capacity Development Technical Assistance
  • Experience with international donor-supported projects (e.g., USAID and CDC, including PEPFAR)
  • Ability to work with a high level of independence, using own initiative
  • Must have strong English skills and reside in Zimbabwe